Tuesday, April 4, 2006

Anatomy of a Ceramic Bank

So ya think it's easy to execute a simple ceramic bank do ya? Well check out this little pictorial history and you'll see why I abandoned the toy invention business. Imagine all of the back & forth, revisions, design by committee, and translation problems involved in an item with actual technology and multiple functions and parts!

(1) My boss gave the assignment of coming up with a ceramic bank concept for an upcoming CN show. We were going for that unique "south of the border" execution here, thus the multiple concept renderings that actually started out a bit too dynamic.

(2) After the correct amount of "de-tuning" we had an approved concept.

(3) I then did some turn around drawings for the vendor's sculptor.....

(4) These were ignored of course and a sculpt was made based on the concept rendering (this is a no-no).....but I proceeded to correct it anyway.

(5) Another sculpt comes in based on what I thought were pretty succinct comments....it's worse.

(6) We go back to the original sculpt which was taken to mold and painted despite the fact that my original clay corrections were not even received.

(7) I correct that piece.....and now I wait & hope for the best.