Thursday, November 9, 2006


Here's a turn for a sculpture we're commissioning of Jake Spidermonkey from My Gym Partner's a Monkey.
The show creator Tim Cahill came up with this pose. It's gonna be very cool.

Sunday, November 5, 2006


Class of 3000 had it's debut on Friday night and I have yet to hear how it is being received but I think it's safe to show some of the art I was honored to be a part of making for the advertising and trade materials that are beginning to pop up here & there.

First of all, I need to say that the crew on this show was awesome! Kelly Crews, Joe Horne, Valerio Ventura and David Colman are quality people and they made my job easy....not to mention Andre' Benjamin and Tommy Lynch who had great feedback and yet provided us with a lot of leash. David and Valerio are each incredible artists and creative minds who also happen to be all around good guys. I'm especially grateful to David for his patience in helping us to get the character's (mostly) on model.

Millet Henson added her top notch clean-up & inking skills to the mix as well.

It was really fun to take David's character designs as well as the group layouts and try to promote that flowy Hirschfeld line quality and the whimsical/musical nature of the show. I really liked the idea of keeping the characters from being grounded and perpetually in some sort of expressive & exhuberant attitude reponding to Sunny as a sort of "pied piper". David's early character sketches inpired me to take this aproach from the start. My fabulous boss, Ed Murrieta concurred and away we went.

I have to admit that it was also very liberating not to be too consumed with anatomy and body proportions since the characters were designed with an inherent and refreshing elasticity.

Andre prefered, (insisted actually) that we show every character in every layout so we thought it best to keep the group shots as devoid of extraneous detail as possible. In most cases, I took elements from Valerio's brilliant backgrounds in the show and zoomed in on them, simplified the color in some cases and vectorized them. This is the case with the Animation Magazine cover as well.