Sunday, May 20, 2007

The One's That Got Away

The next few posts will feature some of the many hare-brained novelty concepts that my buddy Jason & I came up with when we briefly formed a company called Playtonium Labs LLC. At the time you couldn't convince me that any one of these ideas were going to make us fabulously wealthy! BwaaaahahahaHA!

Well, um...they didn't.

Now my failure is mere fodder for your amusement. So enjoy.

BUT.... if you happen to be a reckless entrepreneur who wants to run with one of these brilliant ideas.....uh, we'll go fifty-fifty....or sixty-forty even.We actually had the engineering for the above idea completely nailed.....kind of.

What aspiring gangsta wouldn't want this in his Easter basket?

Here's a Father's Day gift that would be sure to please the old man....unless he drives a Prius.

This stuff never gets old.....admit it!

This desktop Marquis should appeal to the Narcissist in just about anyone...with the possible exception of Bob Mincy, the guy I originally pitched this to.