Monday, January 7, 2008

Frazetta Homage

After Vince's comment, I decided to do a version with the smaller planet because it does make a nicer composition. I'll let them worry about picking the right Tee shirt color.....they'll likely go with black anyway.

I've been working on this illustration for several weeks. It's for a style guide and some T-shirts.
The idea was (don't laugh) to try and get a Frank Frazetta styled feel which, if you have ever seen the man's work, is a ridiculously tall order for a little ol' hack like myself.
I actually had to be my own model for the central figure (Carl). So sad.
The Adult Swim guys wanted "naked girls in chains" but I couldn't go that far because it would likely ruin any future plans I have to run for a public office.
I did it in Painter and Photoshop.
While I flirted with the idea of painting it in oils, but thought better of it....wisely I think. boss liked an earlier airbrushed version I did better because it had that
painted on the side of a 1976 Ford Econoline Van look about it. So I have both versions posted now.

At the top is a pencil layout done before the final image.