Saturday, January 29, 2011

Dread Snorkenveasil

This is a word cloud image based on a poem I wrote about an imaginary critter called a Snorkenveasil.
Here's the text I put in the generator:
As I walked down the path in the half light of dawn
Something lay still on the curb by my lawn
As I stealthily stepped in range of my find
It looked like a Snorkenveasil (of the carnivorous kind!)

I crept ever closer to the motionless beast
It was a rare sight on which my eyes did now feast
I had read of such things in school by the ream
But to see one up close I never would dream….

Oh a Flarn, a Bolopsnick, a Gnorf or a Driss-
But a Snorkenveasil-Wow! Imagine my bliss!

It’s form long and dewy and sadly deceased
As I stared at its features my interest increased

The snout was long & pointy and quilled…
A definite advantage in sniffing its kill

The oblong eyes on the side of its head spoke of
Peripheral vision; he was a predator to dread
A bullwhip-like tail and such razor sharp claws
If it were living would give a man pause

I thought to myself, “what a trophy to show!
I must have it stuffed or on my floor as a throw…

….but now here I lay flesh torn to shreds
for I never knew Snorkenveasils play dead!