Monday, May 28, 2012

Disney Store 25th Anniversary Vinylmation Series

After overcoming a wee little hiccup in the original delivery plan, a glittering new set of twelve of these little guys are hitting the market today at your local Disney Store. These have been anticipated for awhile now and I'm really happy with the outcome.
The idea was to try to stylize the characters a bit so they don't look too close to character designs in past Parks animation series' and yet we wanted them to tie into the whole TDS 25th product assortment and aesthetic.
In the end, I think we managed to come up with a nifty little set of figures that are unique and dare I say...a little bit magical?
There. I  said it.

Designed to work in Sorcerer Mickey's light up stand.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

When Bob Cares Enough to Send the Very Best

It seems Mr. Iger needed some cards designed to send to the Disney board members last Christmas and TDS was asked to supply some designs. These were my offerings and
I guess he liked them because they got printed and sent to "the man" himself. No problem Bob, you're very welcomed! Let's do Sushi sometime. I secured one printed copy of each.