Friday, June 8, 2012

Pick an ISM....any ISM

I was recently honored to be invited to participate in the 10 year anniversary exhibition at Grand Central Art Center at Cal State Fullerton in which participants were asked to depict their preferred "ism" such as liberalism, communism, capitalism, etc. I assure you, there are more "ism's" than you can imagine. After much thought and a few false starts, I decided to do something around "Mammonism" and "Apocalypticism." Both seemed to be obscure but relevant subjects given both the state of the world economy and the 2012 end of the world hysteria going on.

It opens on July 7.....Information about the exhibit is here.

Mam´mon`ism:Devotion to the pursuit of wealth; worldliness. The pursuit of material wealth and possessions, especially a dedication to riches that is tantamount to devotion.

"Mammonism"-16"x20" Oil on Cash

Apocalypticism: Belief in apocalyptic prophecies, especially regarding the imminent destruction of the world and the foundation  of a new world order as a result of the triumph of good over evil.
"Apocalypticism"-12"x16" Oil on canvas board