Thursday, October 18, 2012

Disney Villains Boy's Night Out

Okay...I'm posting this to keep myself honest. I did this sketch almost a year ago with the intention of doing an oil painting. I've actually transferred it onto a huge 48"x 36"canvas, but I haven't pulled the trigger to undertake the painting. I want it to have a dark dramatic vibe with moonlight and warm light from the fireplace. There are 18 villains in this piece: Bruce, Big Bad Wolf, Gaston, Hook, Skar, Stromboli, Hades, Radcliffe, Chernabog, Kaa, J. Worthington Foul Fellow, Mortimer Mouse, Jack In The Box (Fantasia 2000), Ed Hyena, Jafar, Lotso and Big Bad Pete.  To be blunt, I'm daunted by the prospect.