Sunday, March 16, 2014


This is a little poem I wrote six years ago after reading some reader comments following a politically charged online article. All I did was update some of the references to bring it into this decade. I'm particularly proud of the second stanza.


Oh what a contentious world the interweb hath wrought
Tweets, Pins and Walls to post our every random thought
One says it's black, another claims it's white
And neither even bothers to try and spell it right

Pixelated pundits purveying pugilistic prose
Donning threadbare pajamas and socks with holey toes
Geniuses and dunces dance cheek to cheek in bliss
Spewing digital dogma into the great Abyss

There's an App for this and a page for that
An entire site dedicated to a former family cat
There are sites seldom seen and sites too well worn
And a half a billion (!) pages with every kind of porn

Oh, the benefits are many for this gilded online age
But I sort of miss the texture of the ancient printed page
And paying bills online is actually very nice
But we've a million terabyte pipeline for every human vice.

And what is the benefit of all this cyber noise?
Does the Information Age enhance our earthly joys?
Or has this Superhighway on which our world relies
Become our road to ruin...
Sped up our slow demise?

A certain Pop Art prophet* was famous for the claim
That one day we would all have our quarter hour's fame
Now thanks to Twitter, Facebook and the same
No less than fifteen people can be familiar my name...

©2014 by Jim Valeri

*Andy Worhol